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Eastern Nova Scotia Exhibition

Antigonish, Nova Scotia


held in Antigonish from August 29th - September 2nd, 2012

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History: The Eastern Nova Scotia Exhibition began as a fall fair produced by the County of Sydney Agricultural Society in October of 1853.  Records are virtually non-existent up until 1917.  The early exhibition grounds were located in the east end of Antigonish around St. Andrews Street, in an area commonly known as "The Elms".  The 10.87 acres included a number of bars, pens, a grandstand, and a cinder track. The Highland Games were also held on this property, along with various other community events.

In 1937, due to a requirement for the property by the Department of Highways and Public Works, the land was exchanged for an equivalent amount a land expropriated from the Estate of Dan Hurlbert.  This is the site of the current exhibition grounds.  The Highland Society shared use of the land until the development of Columbus Field.

In 1969, the arena was constructed and an agreement exists which allows the Exhibition full use of the facility for two weeks each year.


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