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Western Nova Scotia Exhibition

The Yarmouth Exhibition Association

P.O. Box 425,
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia  B5A 4B3
(902) 742-8222 (Seasonal Phone Line)

Website: http://westernnovascotiaexhibition.webs.com/

Off-season Contacts:

Amy Rose, President - 902-649-2180

Frank Anderson, Manager - 902-742-3210


Held in Yarmouth from August 5 to August 9


History: The Yarmouth County Agricultural Society was formed in 1842, with an annual membership fee of 5 shillings.  The Township of Yarmouth Agricultural Society was formed in the town of Hebron in 1855 and held the first Agricultural Exhibition in Yarmouth in 1859.  Both societies held annual exhibitions for several years.  In 1882, the Yarmouth County Agricultural Society became a district exhibition covering the counties of Shelburne, Yarmouth, and Digby. 

In 1893, the rink which housed the annual event was destroyed by fire.  The Agricultural Society immediately purchased land on the corner of Parade and Pleasant Streets and constructed a new building.  2 years later, a 2-day exhibition was held.  Unfortunately, in 1939 this facility was also lost to fire, and in 1946 the present location was acquired.  Completely rebuilt in 2002, a modern complex of 2 arenas was constructed and a new barn complex was added in 2003.

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